My second book first came out in 2017 and, while those of you lucky enough to get a hard copy would have enjoyed the plethora of pictures therein, downloaders had to make do with a text-only version. Until now! Finally, I have bowed to pressure and added the photos you’ve all been missing. And it still won’t cost you a penny!

In Extremadura is a radical deconstruction of the Brit Abroad sub-genre of travel writing. Spanish/South American travelogue, potted history and treatise on the nature of mortality rolled into one, it includes predictable digressions on cinema (Orson Welles, Luis Bunuel)  literature (Javier Cercas, Tintin) peregrination,  wild swimming in Scotland, celebrity speed freaks and the death of David Bowie.  Sure, it’s  also about me, my family and our idyllic year in a Spanish village (zzzz) but more to the point, it’s “about” the under-explored and relatively unknown province of Caceres, which lies in Extremadura, in south-west Spain. Its people, its culture, its traditions and peculiarities. Above all, its peculiarities.

But don’t let ME try to convince you. Here’s what the critics are saying:

Undoubtedly one of the books about Spain I have read” – Orson Welles

“Smells like Andalusian dog” – The Salvador Daily News

“Anyone expecting a book about Spain will be disappointed. An extended circle jerk to which only Gilbert is invited, In Extremadura is largely concerned with torture, terrorism, funeral playlists, Welsh holidays and other morbid subjects… “– Toby Schneebaum

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