Coming out in 2017, my second book is a radical deconstruction of the Brit Abroad genre (see, for example, A Year In Provence, or Driving Over Lemons) . Yes, it’s “about” me (again) my family and our idyllic life in Spain (zzzz) but it’s also about the under-explored and relatively unknown province of Caceres, which lies in Extremadura, in south-west Spain. Its people, its history, its culture, traditions and peculiarities. Above all, its peculiarities.  

Naturally, this being a Plankton book, it will include digressions into cinema (Orson Welles, Larissa Shepitko) the  Welsh in Patagonia, peregrination (Islamic and Christian) wild swimming in Scotland, and celebrity speed freaks. Fasten your seat selts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!