I wrote The Adventures of Dai the Llama for my daughter Alma a few years ago, during a long hot Spanish summer (or was it Easter?). Basically, young Dai escapes from his owners in Patagonia and makes his way (with his best friends Al the Alpaca and Vi the Vicuna) across the Atlantic Ocean to Wales, only to be made prisoner on a Welsh sheep farm. The llamas/alpacas/vicunas then start a revolution and lead the sheep into the hills, Che Guevara-style. My daughter said it was boring, but my adult friends seem to like it. Anyway, Dai has now come out of retirement and is roaming his homeland of South America, from where he will, periodically, report on matters Latin, in sui generis fashion. The original story is available to view under “Publications” above (under AND above – oh my, what a topsy turvy world we llamas live in!)